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The requirements of owners will be served by our rental management & resale team. Adding your units into our list, advertising and marketing materials, we will ensure the optimize rental return and profit on your investment.

Collection and payments will be managed professionally and transferred to the owner’s specified bank account and a rental report which you can request at any time.

We also provide the cleaning services and maintenance and many more to keep your property in the highest satisfaction condition.


Buyer's Guide


According to Thai Law, foreigners may own 49% of total salable units of a condominium building.

  Reservation: Deposit Thai baht 100,000 for each unit
  Contract: Sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement. Pay 20% of the selling price (includes
  Transfer of Ownership: Balance of the remaining (80%)

Foreigners are required to transfer money of USD 20,000 or greater per transfer to qualify for a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form. This form will be used when transfer the unit under foreign ownership.

Disclaimer: the above information is provided as guidance only, each project reserves the rights to change without prior notice